Frank Camuso

Pet Rescue All Over NYC

Staten Island has experienced one of the biggest rejuvenations and resurgences of arts and culture of any other borough, in recent times. Besides the arts and culture scene, recent real estate, and industrial booms have seen a number of young professional flock to the borough. While some are resistant to such change, longtime native Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine are excited by all the influx in community activities and positive attractions now available all over the borough. One of the newest initiatives available on Staten Island is the Pet Rescue. For years some Staten Island neighborhoods were ravaged by crime and drugs, and to a lesser extent stray dogs and cats all over the streets.

Community organizers and animal advocacy groups have banded together to provide homes for dozens of homeless pets, who were either abandoned by their owners or were donated by individuals who could no longer care for them. Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso have long since been about family and creating a quality home environment for their children and relatives. With such ideals, Staten Island makes a great place for such initiatives, as it is families who often take the best care of pets. With pet’s consistency is most important, and Frank Camuso and his wife Christine strive to keep a consistent, loving home; making them just one of the many families on Staten Island that would make the perfect home for such amazing creatures.

Like any other industry, pet rescue has taken to new forms of marketing their practice. They have begun to use the internet and chosen pets of the week, who have been around for a long time and just need the right family to take a chance on them. This coming weekend there are 18 pets of the week to adopt on Staten Island (not to mention countless others). The Bissel Pet Foundation is presenting the “Empty the Shelters” event on Saturday, May 5th, where patrons can adopt a new pet of their choice, making a homeless pet’s dreams come true.

The group has chosen to wave any adoption fees for any pets adopted this weekend, giving families like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, even more incentive to adopt this weekend. Other local rescue groups participating include ACC of NYC, from 10am to 6pm at the Staten Island Care Center and Louie’s Legacy, at PetSmart on Forest Avenue from 11am to 3pm. Join Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso as they help these pets find the home they deserve. For those not on Staten Island, another popular event taking place in NYC is Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp event, at the Penn Plaza Pavillion in Manhattan, both Saturday and Sunday.

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