Frank Camuso

Lucky Bronx Man Plans to Sue NY Gaming Commission Over Privacy Concerns

Most of us have played the lotto in some form or fashion in our lifetimes, whether it be filling our spouse’s birth date in a nightly-Win4 or receiving a scratch-off from our semi-friendly coworker. No matter how many of us have played in these cash prize games, few of us are lucky to even win a couple of dollars back. New Yorkers like Frank Camuso who don’t necessarily believe in luck, still can’t help themselves and purchase a ticket every week. “The funny thing is that I know I’m not going to win a thing….but every time I get a few too many singles back at the grocery store, I buy a scratch off or two and put in my numbers for the week!…its an addiction!” Frank Camuso a business owner from Staten Island.

But that begs the question, what does happen to those select few lucky individuals who may actually end up with a winning ticket? An unemployed father, from the Norwood section of the Bronx, found out just that recently. On April 24th, he purchased a $20 scratch-off at his local liquor store, as he usually would. And to his surprise, he was the winner of a $5 Million Jackpot prize. The process of an NY lottery winner of such magnitude is relatively the same, as the rules on the back stimulate. All winners of over $1 million prizes must be apart of a press conference, in which they will receive a giant “ceremonial” check. This, of course, will reveal the identity of the winner to the entire world, including any greedy family members, and those with malicious intent.

So the Bronx man and his lawyers are planning to argue that in order to protect the man’s safety from those with any harmful intentions his identity must be kept secret. He has stated to us that he knows for a fact that many of his family members will aggressively try to cash in on his windfall and will stop at nothing to get a BIG piece for themselves. He would love to help out those family members truly in need, but being a native New Yorker his whole life he knows that after taxes that $5 million will not last him and his son for too long, especially with everyone trying to get their piece. “I mean yea who wouldn’t want $5 million dropped on their doorstep, but after taxes, after whatever fees…and the cost of living in this city? Forget it, that’s nowhere near enough. The very least they could do is protect the guy, and his safety, there’s a lot of people who are starving and would do anything to get their hands on him for even a fraction of that money.” Said local New Yorker, Frank Camuso. Frank Camuso has been playing the lottery for most of his adult life, and never really thought about what he’d do if he won. But seeing someone else in those shoes has him thinking that, the worst thing that could happen would be for everyone to be made aware of such a windfall.

The Bronx winner, says he is planning on purchasing a home for his family and to pay for expenses for his 4-year old daughter. And as for the legal case, he and his lawyer are planning to file it in the coming days at Bronx Supreme Court. They are hopeful that the NY gaming commission will see fit to make an exception for them in this case as he is concerned for his safety and for that of his daughters. In recent years, a number of lottery winners have been hurt or worse, killed for their winnings. And we are hopeful that nothing close happens to him, and the lucky mystery man from the Bronx is able to remain a mystery.

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