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Need Help Putting Your Children to Bed? Let Mickey Mouse Help!

Need Help Putting Your Children to Bed? Let Mickey Mouse Help!

This month marks a historic time in the Disney universe. One of their most popular and iconic characters, Mickey Mouse is turning 90 years old! And in order to celebrate Mickey Mouse and his special day, Disney is partnering up with organizations, and even cities around the world – installing art exhibitions, releasing limited, exclusive clothing collaborations, commissioning artists & sculptors for pieces of art, movies, music, books, and much, much more! Longtime Disney fans like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine love the sudden resurgence of one of the most iconic characters in American history, Mickey Mouse – as it provides Frank Camuso and parents of a similar age to reintroduce their children to all that is America’s favorite mouse.

However, all the fanfare, and the sudden emergence of products, and specialty items isn’t something new. Mickey Mouse and his Disney character friends have had their likeness on products of all types for most of the 90 years Mickey Mouse has been around. From sippy cups, plates, utensils and other household items for both kids, and adults, to clothing, hats, accessories, watches, sneakers, and much more fans like Frank Camuso have been able to show their appreciation for Mickey Mouse for years! And with Disney slapping Mickey’s face on everything they can Frank Camuso and his wife Christine are buying up whatever they can to keep as souvenirs for their family and children. The money being made by Mickey Mouse during his 90th birthday celebration has already surpassed the eight-figure mark, and projections easily have it going into the 9’s.

Of all the amazing products Disney has lent Mickey Mouse and his likeness to, none of them have quite the personal touch of Disney’s new Children’s Sleep Hotline! An amazing invention that they should have come out with years ago, fans like Frank Camuso has already given it a try with a niece who just couldn’t get to sleep one night.

So how this hotline works is that in the event your children cannot fall asleep or simply need that extra encouragement to hit the sack – you just dial 877-7-Mickey. Once you dial the number you have the choice of a number of Disney’s most iconic characters. From the mice (Mickey and Minnie), the ducks (Donald and Daisy) to the dog (Goofy). Each call gets an encouraging goodnight message from one of the characters – whisking them off to a pleasantly relaxing night’s sleep. And while the idea may come off as cheesy to most, including longtime fan Frank Camuso.

The idea is actually pretty effective in that once you familiarize your young child with Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, the idea that one of their favorite cartoon characters took the time out to actually make sure they go to sleep on-time is pretty tempting. Kind of akin to an adult male having a Maxim Hot 100 model or Super Bowl Winner, Tom Brady – singing them a lullaby. For more information on how Disney plans on celebrating Mickey Mouse and his 90 years on this Earth, be sure to check out the Disney website.

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