Frank Camuso

Paint and Sip Events Becoming a Big Hit on Staten Island

More than anything else, Staten Island needs more activities to bring the community together. For years on end, Staten Island was thought to be the forgotten borough. Left out of most development, or reclamation projects – Staten Island has always been in desperate need of the makeover boroughs like Brooklyn and Manhattan have been able to receive. From stadiums, water-front parks, and interesting pop-up or exhibits, NYC has been home to constant advancement. Something that has been beneficial to the residents of these areas, caused property values to rise, and turned much of NYC’s outer boroughs into popular destinations for tourism. Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine are tired of Staten Island being forgotten about and are happy to see some of these interesting development projects slowly making their way across the Verrazano. Frank Camuso and his family, having lived here their entire lives, have traditionally had to venture to Brooklyn or Manhattan to enjoy an evening out or Sunday afternoon of high-end shopping. But recently Staten Islanders themselves have tried their best to bring the fun back to the island. Every weekend it seems more and more family activities are making a bigger and bigger splash on Staten Island – and those who have been here the longest hope that the recent forays into the arts, and culture persuade developers to bring larger-scale projects, and increased property values to their home soon.

One of the most interesting new trends to have taken over Staten Island and much of New York City has been coined as paint and sip events. A popular date-night activity for Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, enjoying a few glasses (or bottles!) of wine, while they try their hand at painting on an actual easel, using actual paint, and brushes – who knew bringing back a childhood favorite activity, and adding a few glasses of wine could be so fun! not just for couples looking for a date, Frank Camuso has introduced much of his family to the pain and sip craze, bringing along siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, and uncles along for the fun.

While the activity might be new for most, the concept behind it isn’t. individuals all over, of almost any age, love flexing their artistic muscles. And while few of us truly have the talent it takes to make a living in the cutthroat world of art, we all would love to give it a try. Considering the fear of failure seems to hold most of us back, bringing in a few glasses of wine to loosen you up doesn’t seem to the be the worst idea! The fact is that whether you are able to paint something that resembles a Picasso or something that looks like it came from the desk of a second grader, it doesn’t really matter it’s all about doing something fun, with people you enjoy being around. And most people know they aren’t very good – Frank Camuso considers himself to be terrible, but with the right glass of wine, any painting looks like it belongs at the MOMA. If you are looking for a paint and sip event for you and your friends & family to enjoy, there are plenty popping up all over the island and other parts of NYC. One of the most popular though is Staten Island Paint Nite – the licensee is SI native, Renee Sarno. She also offers events that are for all ages, including children’s Paint With Me events.

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