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Disney’s Mickey Mouse Exhibit Coming to NYC

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Exhibit Coming to NYC

New York City residents are some of the biggest consumers of art in the entire world. While there are of course museums and art installations in countless cities around the world, NYC natives like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine have always had a special place in their heart for the arts and culture. The month of November, November 8th to be exact marks the 90th birthday of one of the most beloved, and by far the most iconic, Disney characters ever, Mickey Mouse. And to celebrate Disney has partnered up with the city of New York, to bring an amazing new exhibition to the Chelsea neighborhood, called “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition”. For longtime New Yorkers, and Disney fans, Frank Camuso and his family, the exhibit will be an exciting event in which they will be able to get an immersive, interactive look into one of the most influential characters in the history of entertainment, Mickey Mouse.

Mickey’s influence is vast, from countless movies, and cartoon spin-offs, to clothing, action figures, and merchandise from all over the world. The historic exhibition will take place in a 16,000 square foot space, showing off amazing works in multiple different mediums, all inspired by Mickey Mouse himself. Sculptor and painter, Shinique Smith, was asked to create a sculpture to honor Mickey, made of plush toys and “all the things that you want to hug.” And another artist Amanda Ross-Ho will be using old Mickey t-shirts to create an art installation of her own – she is famous for her use of found objects, and even trash in her many art installations.

One of the biggest highlights of the experience will be a black-light, walkthrough called the Cosmic Cavern. Created by artist Kenny Scharf, the exhibit was inspired by a Mickey Mouse watch sold by the Ingersoll-Waterbury Company in 1933. One of the first pieces of merchandise that carried the iconic image of Mickey Mouse on it. In the 2 years that followed, Mickey Mouse appeared on over 2.5 million different similar pieces. The character Mickey Mouse means a lot to a lot of people. Parents like Frank Camuso are happy to be able to share an iconic piece of their childhood with their children and the next generation of fans. Kids today might have other characters, cartoons, toys, and figures they look up to more, however, Mickey Mouse will always hold a special place in the consciousness for Americans and even people around the world. Adults like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine, who grew up with all the Disney characters are sure to be in attendance, and much of the NYC art fans are anxiously awaiting the exhibit. One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibit is sure to be the entire history of Mickey Mouse and the highlighting of different chapters in Mickey’s 90-year history.

Over the years the Mickey Mouse character has been used in everything from government-sponsored, war campaigns and voting initiatives, to potty-training videos, and anti-bullying advertisements. While most fans like Frank Camuso weren’t around for the inception of Mickey, who was first created by Walt Disney in 1928, however, his first film appearance will be played for the people during the exhibit. Mickey first appeared in the Disney animated short film, “Plane Crazy”. The exhibit will remain on display from November 8th until February 10th 2019 – on 10th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

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