Frank Camuso

Record Heat Wave Hits Staten Islanders Hard

This week New Yorkers are experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures, with record highs, and waves of humidity that have many staying indoors to avoid the heat. It seems most of us New Yorkers weren’t ready for such record highs, considering the last few weeks have still hovered around the 40s and 50s. And of the city’s 8 million citizens none were affected more than those living on Staten Island. Often characterized as “the forgotten borough”, Staten Island seems to end up with the short end of the stick more often that not. Natives like Frank Camuso, and his wife Christine, have lived on Staten Island for many years, and have seen it time and time again with municipal issues such as snow removal, garbage collection, and public transportation.

This time however, Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso and his family are suffering from huge, rolling power outages, thanks in large part to the city’s ineffective management of the current heat wave. On Staten Island alone, more than 1500 Con Edison customers are currently without electricity and have been since approximately 4 pm Thursday afternoon, Frank Camuso and his family included. While the majority of these outages are concentrated in the Park Hill and Clifton areas, there appear to be large pockets of customers without power in areas like Grymes Hill, St. George, Arrochar, New Dorp and Tottenville as well. Frank Camuso and his family are making the best of things, since this isn’t the first time they’ve been without power, and they are sure it won’t be the last.

Con Ed officials have admitted that the heat wave is the culprit, having caused downed power lines, as well created a huge demand for electricity (with air conditioning) hey just were not prepared for. After assessing the situation, Con Ed crews are uncertain as to when the power will be returning and advise Staten Islanders to take certain precautions. Citizens are advised to unplug all appliances for the time being, avoid downed power lines and keep the fridge and freezers closed as food spoilage is common during blackouts. Frank Camuso and his family are hopeful that the blackouts will end soon, and the city pays more attention to issues on Staten Island. In recent years the borough has seen amazing rejuvenation, with growth in a number of industries, a real estate boom, and an injection of fresh culture with a sudden migration of many young professionals and young married couples.

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