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Trump’s National Emergency Lawsuits

As President Trump continues forward with his plans to build the wall at the US’ southern border with Mexico, a number of different parties are beginning to levy a series of lawsuits against our president and his administration. Trump has come under fire for most of his time in office, whether it be for his abrasive dialogue on Twitter, his shady connection with the nation of Russia, or his unpopular stances on the law. But of late, everything seems to surround the wall. What began as a confusing campaign promise Trump was seemingly making to his most conservative of constituents, Trump is now trying his hardest to bring to reality – even declaring a state of national emergency just to get his point across. So far the count is 5 – the number of lawsuits which have been filed challenging Trump’s declaration. The main argument is that, President Trump has exceeded his authority and gone behind the backs of Congress for a non-existent emergency.

The wall itself has become a huge point of contention, with only a small minority of Americans truly in favor of it being built. To many Americans, albeit not big fans of Trump, the wall is a physical embodiment of racism and a separatist mind state. Staten Island native Frank Camuso was asked how he feels about the issue, he mentioned: “The first time I heard it during his campaign, I really thought it was a joke. I really don’t get it. But now its becoming too much, and he wants how much for it? A few billion? Its like turning the clock back a hundred years.” Frank Camuso also expressed that he truly feels for those living in and around the border area, as they are being hurt the most here and may have their homes seized for nothing in return. And the fact is that Trump himself, is a smart man, relatively. And anyone with any semblance of reason can understand why this idea simply doesn’t make any logical sense and would be both irresponsible and make the country appear as a tyrannical laughing-stock in front of other countries. The president has tried a number of wayward tactics, including forcing to extend a government shutdown that left a number of US citizens without work for weeks. And now with the state of emergency, President Trump hopes to exact additional power from his seat at the Oval Office. These first 5 lawsuits are hoping to deter this emergency status. Here is a rundown of these important legal claims.

Sierra Club vs. Trump

United States environmental organization, the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition, are the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. They are arguing that the declaration was “made solely out of disagreement with Congress’s decision about the proper funding level, location, and timetable for constructing a border wall.” They also believe that the construction of the wall would harm the environment and those communities living along the border.

State of California vs. Trump

While the State of California is listed as the plaintiffs, the attorney generals of 16 different states are led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to file suit against president Trump. The lawsuit accuses the president of carrying out an “unconstitutional and unlawful scheme,” that will cause devastating financial damages to these states and their economies.

Center for Biological Diversity vs. Trump

The Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife and Animal Legal Defense Fund are pushing back against the idea that the border wall is any sort of emergency and they argue that Trump went around Congress to fund his wall. The fact that the wall will disturb and damage so much of the areas natural habit and displace most of the wildlife seems to be completely ignored by the Trump administration and its good that someone is fighting for them,

Alvarez vs. Trump

The plaintiffs in the case include the advocacy group Public Citizen on behalf of the Frontera Audubon Society, a nature preserve in Texas, and three landowners in south Texas. The 3 landowners were told that the federal government would build on their properties in 2019. In addition, 3 residents received notice that their land would be seized for border security purposes linked to the wall. Land that has been there for nearly 5 generations. As Frank Camuso had told us the individuals living in the area are the ones who are hurt the most.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington vs. Dept. of Justice

The organization, often known as CREW, is filing suit against over the DOJ not turning over legal information, communication and other documents outlining the national emergency. They have been working for months to get all relevant documentation in regard to the emergency, as Trump and the DOJ have failed to do so.