Frank Camuso
About Frank Camuso – Girls World Expo

About Frank Camuso – Girls World Expo

Girls World Expo Comes to the College of Staten Island

This past Sunday, 400 young women, college students, and parents like Frank Camuso made their way to the College of Staten Island in the Willowbrook section for the national, “Girls World Expo”. The Girls World Expo is an annual event meant to empower and inspire young women of all ages to be the very best women they can be! Coming off the heels of recent events in our society, the expo is precisely what we need to give women the strength as well as the confidence they are lacking.

In today’s culture, polarizing initiatives like the #MeToo movement or Times Up have laid the foundation for a positive uprising in women’s culture. While for years, women were treated as second-class citizens, prevented from voting or owning land, only obtaining these rights within the last 100 years. As parents, Frank Camuso and his wife Christine think its vital for children and young adults, both male and female, to truly learn respect for the female place in our society – with Staten Island being the perfect place to start things off. As Frank Camuso puts it, Staten Island, more than any other place, is about family. And with such strong bonds for family, Staten Island and its citizens truly came together in support of women and their rights.

The expo was able to bring to light a number of different injustices and was able to open the eyes of young women, letting them know that they should never stand for such injustice. In today’s world, while we might call ourselves modern, women still make 75-cents for every dollar a man does, and issues like sexual assault run rampant all over our society – from schools and colleges to executive boardrooms and movie sets.Events like this expo, held for the second year in a row on Staten Island, have really made a strong impression on citizens like Frank Camuso and his family. The all-day event included a number of different, fun activities. From workshops, performances, different booths, tables, and seminars – the event was able to showcase the power of women and girls. Not just empowering them, but the true benefit of the event was that it really opened the eyes of some of the younger girls in attendance. While they might still be young, an event like this allows them to be prepared for what is to come and to learn, from a young age, how they deserve to be treated by men in their life, bosses, friends, and others. It shows them they should be expectant of a certain level of support and care and have the confidence to truly go after their dreams, no matter what they might be!

A favorite aspect of parents like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine was definitely the free seminars for girls of all ages. While they covered a broad range of topics, including everything from confidence issues, building a brand, and being happy, to certain life skills like self-defense training, CPR/medical training, and even computer science as well as the importance of technology. The expo included a special, I LOVE ME wall, where teens and young adults could write what they love about themselves on a post-it and create a brilliant collage. The wall was adorned with such lovely sentiments like “I love myself because I am me,” and “I am enough.” All in all, the expo was a huge hit and meant a lot to women and men alike. For more information on future expos or to check out photos from the event visit the Girls World Expo website.

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